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That Was Quick

May 26, 2004 ... 9:13 a.m.

Mom: �I have one nerve left, Eibisch, and you�re tap dancing all over it.�

I�m in Philosophy class right now.

So. Philosophy. 32 students. 7 guys.

We had to write out our info and put down why we chose this class. I was all �I took it to meet guys. That�s screwed.� No, really, I took it because I like Philosophy and I like discussing Philosophy and philosophers with my friend.

My teacher is from London. She has red hair. Natural, I think, because it isn�t the off color--where you KNOW it is from a box. It is very dark, though. So maybe.

Anyway, she wore a mini skirt and stilettos to the first class. Interesting choice. She�s got a PhD, but told us not call her doctor because she always gets a Monty Python skit in her head. Okay. She wants us to call her by her first name--which I am loathe to do--because it�s nice and simple. �Actually,� she said �I�ll answer to anything. Except �Hey, Bitch�.�

Well, there went my plan.

The guy who sat next to me had on way too much cologne, was drinking rather pungent coffee and had, apparently, smoked an entire carton of cigarettes moments before entering the classroom.

Normally, these aromas do not bother me. But, when it is 7:30a.m. in a room with very little ventilation and no windows, I am bothered.

Aside from that, I�m going to like this class.

I read Suzy�s. I haven�t been camping in a bajillion years. Maybe this summer. It would be nice to go out on the boat (my uncle�s or Robin�s parents�), too. I have the chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers in my kitchen right now. They�re calling my name.

I went camping with my dad once. I was, probably, 8 or 9. I remember I had a good time. Actually, I must�ve been 10, because he moved to Colorado the next year and that was when I was 11.

Went to the ENT to check up on the ear that almost killed me. I felt fine, but guess what? I have a fungal infection in my right ear. The hell? Where did I get a fungus? �Oh, everywhere. They float around, but usually only affect people who have trouble with their ears� said the ENT.


Since I, and my various doctors, are now very gun-shy about using antibiotics of any sort (damn you, Zithromax, DAMN YOU)--she put some kind of powder in my ear. I don�t know if it helped, because I didn�t know about the infection in the first place. It didn�t hurt, it didn�t itch, I had no clue. But, every so often, it sounds kind oof like someone is crinkling paper in my ear.

She was also quite surprised by my tonsils. They�re big when they are healthy. When I�m sick they�re miserable. She wants to do a tonsillectomy (joy) but absolutely will not do it while I�m still on an immuno-suppressant.

So, Friday I�m going to see my UI doc and, hopefully, get off my meds.

Currently Reading: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
Thank you, MeeshaPeesha.

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...and it only complicates things, how I feel, I guess it just depends...

Have a happy day!

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