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April 07, 2002 ... 11:09 p.m.

A sad day at daus haus von Fantasy Eibisch...

Fantasy Eibisch and Fantasy Jon Seda are on �a break,� a representative for the couple confirmed in a statement released late Sunday night. Family, friends, and the couple themselves were said to be hoping for a quick reunion. �Although Fantasy Jon and Fantasy Eibisch remain very close, their respective paths have diverged,� the statement read in part.

The couple�s representatives would not comment on what role, if any, the NBC network or actor Colin Firth may have played in the break up.

Rumors have been circulating for several weeks that the previously close-knit couple had been having troubles. Fantasy Eibisch had been seen recently with Fantasy Colin having lunch at a nearby university. And Fantasy Colin had been spotted several times at the post-break up home of Fantasy Eibisch.

A source close to the couple reveals, �Fantasy Jon is absolutely heartbroken. She has always been his biggest fan. He adores Fantasy Eibisch and believes this separation is temporary.�

Fantasy Eibisch and Fantasy Colin had been acquaintances for several years, but only recently began spending significant time with one another. One friend of Fantasy Eibisch�s says �She and Fantasy Colin have a lot in common. They seem very good together. Fantasy Jon is hoping for a reconciliation, but I wouldn�t count on it.�

A hush-hush wedding for Fantasy Jon and Fantasy Eibisch had, by most accounts, been planned for several months. A friend of the couple said �Fantasy Eibisch just got a slight case of cold feet.� It may be more than a simple case of cold feet suggests another friend �She wasn�t getting to spend enough time with Fantasy Jon. That�s the real story. Fantasy Colin just seemed to pop up wherever she looked. NBC didn�t help matters, either."

The couple, who had been inseparable since meeting in 1993 at the release of Carlito�s Way, had had problems with NBC before. Most notably in 1999, coinciding with the cancellation of �Homicide: Life on the Streets.�

�That was hard,� agrees a friend �Fantasy Jon didn�t seem to take it as hard as Fantasy Eibisch, but they worked through it.�

The news of the break up surprised as many friends as it did fans. Another close friend said �They had ups and downs, like any other couple. The cancellations were hard for him, the Andy snub was very hard for her. But I never, never saw this coming.�

And although most family, friends and fans are rooting for a reconciliation, sources close to Fantasy Eibisch say she�s moving on. "She and Fantasy Jon had some good times, but a new day has come. Fantasy Eibisch and Fantasy Jon are the past. Fantasy Eibisch and Fantasy Colin are the future."

Not so fast, says a friend, �Fantasy Eibisch and Fantasy Jon have true love. If he has to fight for it, he will. And, when it comes right down to it, Fantasy Jon will walk away as the Undisputed true love of Fantasy Eibisch.�

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled Eibisch--Land of boredom and reality

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